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First of Legend origins

All stories and legends starts with the introduction of heroes and their first quest …

A long time ago four friends discovered together a game of a new kind. This game was a MOBA, better known as the League of Legends.

They learned quickly to play it and took pleasure for many hours.

However, after one of their wins on the Summoner’s rift, a thorny question was ringing among the group. One of the members simply asked who they thought had been the best during this last game. Then unable to answer, the group realized that it was difficult to find an answer because depending on the role and the champion of each one, it was impossible to compare the incomparable and elect the best performance of a player among the team …


Where no solution seemed to appear, one of the members of the group stood up and pronounced this sentence which will remain forever engraved in the minds of the players: “If among you, none seems able to judge the performances of the others in an objective way, then let’s create together a machine that will do it for us but also for the rest of the world … “

Thus, they undertook to create an artificial intelligence that they will later call “GDE”.

With their success they decided together to create a mobile application to allow each player of League of Legends to know its value and know if it was the best after each game.

But above all a unique desire, they wanted that everyone feel their progress and fight against himself game after game.

They keep moving forward and decided to integrate a new universe in which the statistics would be easy to understand and where a single universal score will allow any player to compare himself with his fellows and so progress part by part ….

This application is being kicked off in September 2018 and known as the First of Legend ….

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