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What do the % on the indicators mean ?

Each performance indicator has be done for a particular aspect of the game, the percentages show you the number of players having a lower performance than you on this indicator.

Example:  You were better than 55% of the players in KDA.

The language option does not work, is this normal ?

The language option is not currently available, we are currently focused on the graphical improvement of the application.

How do you calculate the kda?

We take again the system of universal computation used by all the actors Esport. (lolesport /op.gg etc ..). The KDA is calculated based on the number of assists and kills made by the player, divided by the number of deaths. Since we can not divide by 0, we divide by 1 minimum when the number of deaths is 0. This thus offers somewhere a “free death” without impact on the KDA.

Do your ratios fit the types of played characters or roles ?

Of course, each indicator favors some characters more than others, or some roles more than others. However, and this is an essential point, the combination of the indicators selected by our IA balances the whole.

This one showed that the statistical difference of the notes obtained by a character or another is weak, reasonably due to the natural order between the God Tier champions of the moment and those who are low tier, not more.

Thus this system makes the notes and performances comparable and universal, that is all its interest.

What modes of gaming are taken into account ?

All 5v5 game modes are taken into account except for the occasional modes like the URF for example.